July 22, 2022   |   by Ilana Bodker   |   Digital Copywriter

New Hire Spotlight: Janine Poland, Marketing Operations Coordinator

Learn what brought this Oklahoma native to Seismic Digital, how sports shaped her life, and what topic is banned at her dinner table.

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As Seismic Digital’s Marketing Operations Coordinator, Janine Poland provides support to internal teams to ensure projects are on track and that no one has too much on their plate. She has experience in similar roles in the construction and medical industries, but the environment at Seismic was what really drew her in.

“Everything it stands for is exactly what I wanted,” says Janine. “The values, the amount of growth available, and the relationships with both clients and staff.”

Janine lives in Oklahoma with her three kids. Though they’re all just entering their teenage years, they’re already learning the art of hosting. The family’s weekly tradition of Fancy Dinner Night involves preparing and serving a meal with proper table manners – including no talk of farts. Fart discussions are tolerated the other six nights of the week, but not on Fancy Dinner Night.

“It started as a way to get the kids to sit down and chat with us,” says Janine. “But it’s evolved into themed meals that the kids will cook by themselves. For example, this week they’re watching Mulan and making homemade Chinese food.”

When Janine isn’t tricking her kids into spending time with her, she enjoys working out at the gym, attending country music concerts, and reading true crime books. She’s also a big sports fanatic.

“Baseball is one of my favorite sports to watch,” she says. “I try to go to one or two major league games every year.”

Janine’s kids inherited her love of sports, so she spends much of her time attending their various games, practices, and competitions. Helping children discover a love for sports is a mission Janine is especially passionate about, which is why she spent several years coaching Little League.

“Sports shaped my life from a young age, and I’ve always found enjoyment in sharing the knowledge and discipline of the games,” she says.

Some other fun facts about Janine:

  • If she could pick up any skill, she’d like to able to play the piano.
  • She loves all things peanut butter.
  • Her first job was working at a local amusement park.
  • She recently enjoyed a beach vacation on South Padre Island, TX with her family.
  • She’s scared of mice and wishes they would “stay in their lane.”
Everything [Seismic] stands for is exactly what I wanted: the values, the amount of growth available, and the relationships with both clients and staff.
-Janine Poland