November 08, 2023   |   by Blake Carpenter   |   Paid Media Strategist

How to Understand, Create, and Maximize Podcast Ad Campaigns

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Podcast advertising is the integration of promotional content within a podcast episode.

It encompasses several formats like host-read ads, pre-recorded spots, and programmatic ad slots. The buying formats range from direct partnerships to programmatic platforms, offering flexibility to align with an advertiser’s strategy and budget.

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  • Millions of highly engaged and educated listeners tune in to their favorite podcasts daily.
  • Podcast listeners are 54% more likely to consider buying an advertised product after hearing its advertisement.
  • Podcasts aren't just for the "true crime junkies".

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Download the Podcasting Guide to Maximize Brand Reach with Podcast Advertising

Podcast advertising continues to surge in popularity year over year. Seismic Digital places your brand in the eyes, hands, and ears of your customers.
-Blake Carpenter